Hehuan Mountain Scenery
October, 2019
For the first time, I visited Hehuan Mountain, Taiwan at the end of October. It is a famous mountain in Taiwan and Asia and the elevation of the Mount Hehuan North Peak about 3,422 meters. The majestic cliffs, the sea of cloud and a starry night left me speechless.
On the way to the Mount Hehuan North Peak.
A ray of sunshine penetrated out of the cloud and the grass became golden. This moment disappeared fast.
The magnificent sea of clouds behind the mountains.
Steep road and filled with fog.
The silhouette of the mountain at the foreground and the tree's profile.
This photo was taken between the north peak and the west peak of Hehuan Mountain. Using a telephoto lens focus on the opposite of the mountain. On that moment, some clouds move overhead through the mountain and have a grand of the sea of cloud behind the mountain. After I took this photo, the sky is getting dark soon.
A Starry Autumn Night.
Closing the winter, the milky way in the northern hemisphere is the bleakest at night.
Sunrise. Filled with fog.


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