November, 2019
After the hiking trip, Hehuan Mountain, at the end of October, the next challenge is Xueshan which is 2nd-highest mountain in Taiwan and East Asia.

We arrived at the east peak of Xueshan first and sleep at Sanliujiu Hut one night. The hut location is between the east and the main peak of Xueshan, and our final destination is Xueshan Main Peak.

Thanks a lot of NCU Mountain Club, always supply me at hiking trip.

Hoping you all a pleasurable Christmas Day.

On the way to the east peak of Xueshan.
Go to Sanliujiu Hut.
A tree.
Distant mountains.
Overlook the Sanliujiu Hut.
Xueshan hill.
Catch the moon.
Detail of hill.
Moving cloud.
Sea of clouds.


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